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Jiangsu Clayton Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. Since its establishment, it has devoted itself to the research and development and manufacturing of pipe fitting processing equipment, and has successfully produced pipe fittings and profile cutting, pipe orifice trimming, pipe fitting bending, pipe end forming, and internal high-pressure forming. , internal high-voltage testing and other equipment, solving various pipe processing and production problems for users in various industries.

Clayton's main products include: CNC pipe bending machines, laser cutting machines, CNC metal cutting machines, CNC pipe end forming machines, multi-station pipe fitting arc punching machines, etc. It has introduced advanced software and control systems from Taiwan and Japan, and many technologies are in the leading position in the same industry.

Clayton Machinery has 57 employees, including 10 technical engineers, 10 electrical engineers, 5 other office and management staff, five groups of assembly staff totaling 15 people, 17 production staff, and 5 after-sales service staff.

Clayton products are mainly used in aerospace, nuclear power, rail transit, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries. The products have been successfully used in many well-known domestic and international companies and have been highly praised by users.

Under the guidance of the corporate philosophy of "taking science and technology as the guide, quality as the center, customer satisfaction as the goal, and building the Clayton International Brand", we continue to improve product technology and quality, improve corporate services, and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness. Strive to provide every customer with the highest quality products and services.

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